Waste to Water Corporate Overview

Waste to Water (WTW) is proud to introduce the BIO-EZ™. These MADE IN AUSTRALIA processing units and our exclusive BIO-HELPER™ microorganisms are the first self-contained food waste elimination system designed to fit seamlessly in any commercial kitchen, supermarket, hotel, resort or food distribution application. Our customers enjoy cost saving benefits, as well as improved work flow and a cleaner work area with no need to store food waste for traditional pick-up. The rising costs of food waste collection and food wastedisposal make the use of the BIO-EZ™ equipment a sound financial investment.

WTW's BIO-EZ™ rapidly decomposes all food waste into a nutrient rich liquid suitable for discharge into public waste water disposal systems. Initial studies demonstrate that the recycled water discharged may have a positive application for use as a fertilizing agent.

Waste to Water's mission is to provide a safe, efficient, economical and ecologically friendly system of processing food waste at its source.

Customer Testimonials

"Emory Conference Center Hotel prides itself in being environmentally responsible and our BioEz machine helps us live up to the highest standards we can..."
Customer Testimonials

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