BIO-EZ XL Food Waste Disposal and Food Wast Recycling System


Up to 700 Kg / Day

240V / 30 A / 50HZ / 3PH

Total Electric Consumption
4.7KwH / Day


BIO-EZ™ offers a totally self-contained, continual feed, organic waste disposal system designed to biologically convert solid food waste materials into liquid. Using a process perfected by nature, it decomposes food waste into a nutrient rich liquid that is virtually odour free, and is safely disposed of through existing sanitary sewer systems.

The primary function of the BIO-EZ™ machine is to accelerate the natural decomposition process by maintaining optimal levels of aeration, moisture and temperature. Under these controlled conditions, our unique, and formula of microorganisms can safely decompose any food waste at a much faster rate than natural decomposition.

The BIO-EZ™ Difference

  • Integrated Shredder Unit – to handle large and hard items (such as rinds and pits ) and faster digestion for greater financial return
  • Cold Water only usage – lower usage costs
  • Long-lasting microbial formula (minimum of 1 year) – lower usage costs
  • No heater units – minimizes odour and aids in aerobic digestion of food waste with lower electric use
  • ETL listed certification for safety and reliability
  • No deodorizer used or needed for the units – lower usage cost
  • Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) available for our microbial formula – safety, reliability and availability assurance (click here to download)
  • Made in Australia - BIO-EZ™ units are fabricated, built and assembled in New South Wales. All replacement parts can be sourced domestically. Our BIO-HELPER™ formula is also sourced within Australia.

Financial Benefits
The BIO-EZ™ XL can process up to 900 Kg of food waste in 24 hours. With nearly twice the throughput of any other unit, the economy of this model is realized in the incremental savings compared with traditional garbage disposal costs. At average use this unit can process over 22 tonnes of food waste each month or over 275 tonnes each year. Please refer to the ROI calculator for an initial evaluation of your location.

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Customer Testimonials

"Emory Conference Center Hotel prides itself in being environmentally responsible and our BioEz machine helps us live up to the highest standards we can..."
Customer Testimonials

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