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BIO-EZ™ Mini

Waste to Water BIO-EZ Mini Food Waste Disposal and Food Waste Recycling System Up to 150 Kgs. / Day BIO-EZ Mini

BIO-EZ™ Mini offers a totally self-contained, continual feed, organic food waste disposal system designed to biologically convert solid food waste materials into liquid. Using a process perfected by nature, it decomposes food waste into a nutrient rich liquid that is virtually odor free, and is safely disposed of through existing sanitary sewer systems.


Waste to Water BIO-EZ Food Waste Disposal and Food Waste Recycling System Up to 500 Kgs. / Day BIO-EZ

The BIO-EZ™ can process up to 500 Kgs of food waste per 24 hours. Conservatively, the unit will process over 15 tonnes of food waste per month or nearly 200 tonnes of food waste per year. With the integrated chopper unit this model is open to a greater variety of food waste items and can be utilized in a wide variety of food service settings.


Waste to Water BIO-EZ™ XL Food Waste Disposal and Food Waste Recycling System Up to 700 Kgs. / Day BIO-EZ XL

The BIO-EZ™ XL can process up to 900 Kgs of food waste in 24 hours. With nearly twice the throughput of any other unit, the economy of this model is realized in the incremental savings compared with traditional garbage disposal costs. At average use this unit can process over 20 tonnes of food waste each month or over 250 tonnes each year.



Customer Testimonials

"Emory Conference Center Hotel prides itself in being environmentally responsible and our BioEz machine helps us live up to the highest standards we can..."
Customer Testimonials

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