Food Waste Cost Saving Analysis

 Year 1Year2Year 3Year4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Total

Pre-Purchase Costs

Disposal Fees
Hauling Fees
Rental Fees
Fee Sub-Total

Less Post-Purchase Costs

Rental & Service Fees
Net Disposal Cost Savings
Acquisition Cost
Finance Payments

Net Cost Savings


Food Waste ROI Calculator

Use the Food Waste ROI calculator to get an accurate estimate of the potential savings you will receive with the BIO-EZ™ food waste disposal and recycling system, see an example.

Model Selection

Mini ModelAU$ $0.00
EZ ModelAU$ $0.00
XL ModelAU$ $0.00
Shredder*AU$ $0.00
* Optional Shredder only available on EZ and XL Models
  Total Cost$0.00

Financial Selection

FinancedYes! I want financing.
Finance Term Length
Interest Rate %
Monthly Payments$0.00

Disposal Costs

Cost ItemAmount
Pre Purchase Factor:
Disposal Fee per Tonne$
Tonnes Per Month  
Haul Rate Per Week$
Container/Packer Rental Per Month$
Post Purchase Factor:
6 cu.M Container, Twice a Week, Monthly Fee$

10 Year Summary

Savings ItemAmount
Total Disposal Cost Savings $0.00
Total Acquistiton Costs/Finance Payments$0.00
Return on Investment  0%
# of Years to Recoup Investment  0
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Customer Testimonials

"Emory Conference Center Hotel prides itself in being environmentally responsible and our BioEz machine helps us live up to the highest standards we can..."
Customer Testimonials

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