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Microbial Formula BIO-HELPER™
In Waste to Water's mechanically controlled, decomposition process, microbes play the most important role in food waste disposal and food waste recycling. Different microbes produce different enzymes; these enzymes are the protein catalysts responsible for the metabolism of organic food waste. We carefully select the most effective microbes and combine them proportionally to perform best with the BIO-EZ™. Of course, these microbes are completely safe for Human and animal contact and are certified Bio-Safety Level 1. Our formulation BIO-HELPER™ will last up to one year in the BIO-EZ™.

The BIO-EZ™ DecomposerThe BIO-EZ™ Decomposer
The BIO-EZ™ is a totally self-contained, continual feed, organic food waste disposal system designed to biologically convert solid food waste materials into liquid. Using a process perfected by nature, it decomposes food waste into a nutrient rich liquid that is virtually odor free, and is safely disposed of through existing public waste water treatment systems. The primary function of the BIO-EZ™ is to accelerate the natural decomposition process by maintaining optimal levels of aeration, moisture, and temperature. Under these controlled conditions, our unique, and microorganisms can safely decompose any food waste at an accelerated rate to natural decomposition. The BIO-EZ™ can safely and quickly decompose any kind of food waste including: vegetable and fruit scraps, raw and cooked meats, fishes, poultries and dairy products. Our two larger units can be equipped with an optional integrated shredder to handle bones, shells and pits more effectively.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"Emory Conference Center Hotel prides itself in being environmentally responsible and our BioEz machine helps us live up to the highest standards we can..."
Customer Testimonials

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